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When it comes to virtually anything that you do in this world, what makes you the best? This is actually a great question, but as with anything, there is never just one answer. To be the best, do you have to beat the best? In a manner of speaking, yes. That being said, you should only compete against yourself and no one else.

Whether you are a chef, waiter, car salesperson, flight attendant, accountant or anything in between, practice makes you the best that you can be. Some require mentors to get you to your peak state. Some just require the dedication and commitment to want to do better.

You don’t really think that athletes, celebrities or coaches just have a talent that they do not or did not have to work for, do you? Of course not. Anything that is worthwhile in this life, takes effort. You can really apply these principles to basically everything that you can think of.

Is there anything that you really want to do in this life but have been too scared to try? Why? When you remove fear (False Evidence Appearing Real), what is truly stopping you? There is not one person in this world that is superior to you. Everyone has gifts, most of them are just hidden, that we have to find and nurture.

Do you know that most people just go through life tip-toeing to death? Why? It really can and maybe should be an adventure in one way or another. When you wake up doing what you really love to do, it makes the world just a much better place to live in.

El Chef Efrain has put in many years of hard work and proved that he was the best many times. There are many chefs out there and hungry to sometimes prove themselves as being the top gun. At the end of the day, it is someone’s perception as to what is best and what is sub-par. How do you want to be perceived?

If you just take steps to see what works for you to make you almost jump out of bed every day, no matter what it is, and then practice it even a little each day, you will get results. There are just so many possibilities within each and every one of us. It is like finding a seed that needs water, sun and a little nutrition. Take care of your seeds and they will grow into whatever you want them to.

Be your best. Don’t let anyone in this world talk down to you and tell you that you are worthless. When people talk like this, it is them that feel inferior or worthless. They try to project their failures on you. If you have made the mistake of talking to people in a negative way, realize that your words are truly powerful and can affect others. No one likes to be talked down to. If it has happened to you, don’t continue the pattern. When you hurt others,it really does come back to you in one way or another.

The best? Just be your best. Smile everyday, laugh everyday, cry if you have to, but always get up and continue on your path in this life. Only you walk in your shoes and there is a spiritual side of you that has unlimited potential. It is in everyone. Not to get religious at all, but most agree that there is an energy in this world that lives outside and inside of us, no matter what you call it. Work with it and magic seems to happen.

Do your best to get a good night’s sleep, but when it is time to get up, get up! Life can be what you make of it. Well, it IS what you make of it. Compete? No. Create. Create a beautiful picture in your mind of what makes you tick and go after it with all your heart and might.

Challenges? No one that wants a happy and abundant life has it ‘easy’. When you realize that life was not meant to be easy, it goes by much smoother. You are the best at something or many things. It is up to you to discover it.

What does this have to do with El Chef Efrain? He does not go out to be the best, but others have called his cooking the best they have ever had. When you put your heart and soul into your food, people realize it. He might not have the best of health, but you would never know it except to see his limp when he walks. He is truly one amazing person that can definitely be called the best at several things.

Find your passion and let your part of the world, know that you are the best. The best father, lawyer, secretary, cook, mechanic, salesperson or whatever makes you tick. The world is yours. Go get it!


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